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Today, I want to talk about Vitamin B12. This vitamin is one that a lot of people haven't heard of but it has amazing, and also necessary, benefits.

Firstly, what is vitamin B12? Well, it is a vitamin that is water soluble, and it's primary function is to keep nerves and red blood cells healthy. But it also has some other benefits:

- B12 is needed to convert carbs into glucose - leading to an increase in energy. So if you are always feeling tired, it could be down to a lack of B12. Can also help with memory.

- It helps to regulate the nervous system (mentioned above) and to reduce stress.

- It helps to keep your digestive system healthy, and can help prevent heart disease by improving your cholesterol levels.

- It aids the reproduction of cells, and helps to keep your hair skin and nails healthy.

- It has also been linked to help fight against (and prevent) breast, lung, colon and prostate cancers.

So, from those benefits, you can quite clearly see that B12 is a very important vitamin. The thing is, people know that you need vitamins and minerals, but most people don't realise how important some of them are. The body is a very, very complex 'machine', and if you don't feed it correctly, problems will occur.

B12 is also important within bodybuilding. Obviously, with benefits such as improved energy, nerves and cell renewal, it will clearly aid your results.

Food sources of vitamin B12:

- Salmon
- Eggs
- Cod
- Meats (grass fed)
- Cheese
- Milk

Depending on your current levels, and your goals, you may want to supplement with vitamin B12.

As with most of my posts, I like to keep it short, that way you're not overloaded with information. I hope you find this post interesting, and maybe you will up your B12 intake if you feel like you are low. Obviously, the best way to know if you need more, is to get a blood test to find out your actual levels.

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