Sunday Supplement - maltodextrin


I hope you're having a great weekend in the sun! (UK readers)

Today I want to talk about maltodextrin. I personally use this post workout, and have found it to be very beneficial. Maltodextrin is a complex carb (many people think it is just a simple sugar). As it is a complex carb, you don't get the sudden spike and then drop in blood sugar levels. It is absorbed fairly quickly, but will have to pass through the liver for the bonds of glucose molecules to be broken down, then it is passed straight to the gut. The rate in which maltodextrin is is used for glycogen replenishment is actually a little slower than another products such as dextrose, but with dextrose you will get a quicker drop of insulin and blood sugar levels.

Since using this product, I have noticed that I recover quicker, which is obviously beneficial. Before using this (and a few other supplements) it used to take me longer to recover and it just used to bug me that I couldn't train as often.

This is a quick post, but it's still a great supplement to try. The great thing about maltodextrin, is that it's cheap! So head on over to Hench Nutrition, use the discount code HNBKHM1H

Lee Gregory Fitness

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