Sunday Supplement - Dextrose

Welcome to Sunday Supplement!

Today I am briefly going to talk about Dextrose - similar to last week's maltodextrin. Dextrose is a simple carb (unlike maltodextrin) so it is easily absorbed and raises your blood sugar level. It is processed quicker than maltodextrin, so you will get a quicker response, but you will also get the 'fall' of the blood sugar levels.

You can use this product pre or post workout. It is a carb after all so you will be receiving energy, but as with other forms of sugar, that energy will soon fall. But when it comes to post workout, your muscles need to be replenished, so taking a 'hit' of dextrose can help to restore glycogen levels in your muscles and aid recovery.

If you do your research, like me, you will find that dextrose can benefit bodybuilders/weight trainers and athletes, mostly post workout. Trainers often advise that taking dextrose with other supplements such as glutamine, whey protein and creatine will create a bigger insulin response, therefore driving more nutrients into the muscles quicker.

As with any supplements, it's all about trial and error - what might work for one, won't necessarily work for another. As with maltodextrin, I do recommend this as I think it can help with your recovery. Try it and see how you get on.

Lee Gregory Fitness 

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