Load up at breakfast!

Many people who are looking to lose body fat, tend to do the same thing - cut out (or dramatically reduce) carbs, eat no fat, have small meals and mainly stick to salads. Whilst it is good to cut out the junk, cutting out carbs completely and living on just salads, you are starving your body, which does you no good what so ever.

What is the benefit of having a bigger breakfast?

If you have a good breakfast in the morning, and not just a slice of toast and a coffee, you are fueling your body for the day. While you sleep, you're obviously not eating, so if you have a small breakfast, your body will be running on very little fuel, which means you will get hungry not long after, and could easily be tempted by an unhealthy snack.

Many people tend to have a small breakfast, a bigger lunch, and a bigger dinner. You need to flip that around - a bigger breakfast, an average lunch and a smaller dinner. Why? Because You need energy at the start of the day, a bit more at lunch, and then only a bit more at dinner. If you have a massive dinner, most of the calories you eat will be unused and get stored as fat, because you're not doing much in the evenings (unless you have an evening job..). If you eat a bigger breakfast, you will help to reduce the 'mid morning cravings', which means you won't snack as much, if at all.

An example of a good breakfast? I personally love bacon and eggs, but most people avoid bacon because of the higher fat level. A great breakfast would be an omelette - mushrooms/veg/bacon/chorizo, your choice really. You could also add in a small bowl of porridge to get some 'slow release carbs' in your system. Sounds a lot right? an omelette and porridge? but it's good, it will fill you up, and that's what you want. Combine that with a big glass of water and that would be pretty darn good!

So, if your smallest meal of the day is breakfast, then try flipping it over, that change in itself can burn fat!

Lee Gregory Fitness

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