Family and weight

Not everyone will enjoy this post, as it is to do with family and weight (two things that can be sensitive) but it is an issue, one that I have read and heard about a lot. Is your family adding to your weight gain?

This will mainly concern young children, because when you're young you don't do your own shopping and cooking, you simply eat what you are given. So who's job is it to raise children in a healthy way? the parents. Childhood obesity has been on the rise for quite some time now, and it's a major problem, no other way to say it. It is the parents responsibility to teach good habits to children, which will encourage them to grow up eating healthy. Yes, there is a chance that even if you raise them in a healthy way, they could completely change when they hit the late teens, but then its up to them. The chances are, that if they grow up eating a healthy diet, they will carry that through in their lives.

Its not just young children and toddlers that can have their weight affected by family. There is a problem - with men, they tend to laugh off weight, saying its relaxed muscle or something. I have witnessed and read dads doing it to their sons, and sons doing it to their dads. Women are a lot more sensitive about it, and if 'jokes' are made to them about their weight, they tend to take it offensively. Both situations aren't good for those wanting to lose weight. You need support when it comes to losing weight, and if your own family isn't behind you throughout your journey, it will be extremely hard to succeed. I remember watching a tv show called 'I used to be fat' (I think it was that one, but don't quote me on it), and there was a girl who was so desperate to lose weight, but her mother couldn't care less. It was only when the trainer went and spoke fairly harshly (not rude) to her, telling her that her daughters health is in a bad way, and if she kept buying junk food and cooking fatty meals for her, then she could die within 10 years. That was the perfect example of a lack of support at home, and its shocking. Being a parent, how can you intentionally make your children overweight?

This is a different example, but has the same principle. I remember when I played cricket for Essex CCC, and it was extremely difficult - I was up against people with a lot more cash, connections and went to 'the right schools'. During times where I questioned myself, my family were there to support me 100%, and that is what made the difference. If they would have not cared, or made jokes, saying I couldn't do it so I should just quit, I probably would have. Family can have a huge impact on you, and it can wear you down if you don't have the support from them.

My advice - sit down and talk to them. Lay out your goals and why you want to achieve them, and simply ask for their support. Their reaction to that will tell you all you need to know. If they still don't care, then treat them how they treat you - sounds harsh, but why should you bother when they don't? Not every family is tight. Just remember, it is your life, and if you want to lose weight for whatever reason, then you go and do that, don't give it up just because your mum, dad, brother or sister says you can't do it so why try.

Lee Gregory Fitness 

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