Don't force your beliefs

This is a bit of an unhappy post today, as something really bugged me when I was on my way home this morning. I came up to a bit of traffic near to town, and a man had one of those advertising vest tops on, and it said 'Keep Calm & Be A Vegetarian'. As well as that, he was handing out leaflets, and slipped one through my open window. He was 'preaching' how humans should not eat animals, and we should all be vegetarians. Now, I don't know if this guy worked for a company or doing it off his own back, but it really annoyed me, and I'll tell you why.

Everyone has their opinion, everyone has the ability to have their own choices, and we should not be pressured into doing something. It's the same with religion - it's a very sensitive topic, but its a good comparison. If someone chooses to believe in a God, who am I to tell them otherwise? I personally don't believe in any religion, and if someone wants to, that is their choice and I'm not going to preach to them why I think they shouldn't. But I occasionally have people knocking on my door, pretty much trying to convince me to believe in God and to go to church. I think that is wrong. It's the same with food - I don't preach to people to eat meat, I simply preach about being healthy, exercising and living a healthy life.

When it comes to what foods we choose to eat, that is our choice, some may opt to eat meat, some may not like how we produce meat and choose to be a vegetarian, I respect what people choose and I don't try and change their minds. There are benefits of eating meats, and there are benefits of not eating meats, it's all about having the right balance, eating for your goals and choosing what foods you are comfortable eating.

The majority of people eat meat, and that might purely a coincidence that all of those people like it, or it might have something to do with humans eating meat for thousands of years. Go way back in the day, the caveman era, humans ate meat, because that is what was available to them. Was a bit more 'life or death' trying to catch the animals though....thankfully its not so dangerous these days! I believe the human body is built to eat meats, as that's how humans have developed, but again, if you don't believe in eating meats, that is your choice, and I won't tell you to believe otherwise.

I think I will end my little rant there. It would be nice not having people trying to get others to believe in what they believe, but hey ho....that's life!

Lee Gregory Fitness

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