The best fat loss exercise

Want to know what the BEST fat loss exercise is??? Well.....there isn't one - and by that, I mean there isn't just 'one' best fat loss exercise.

I have seen numerous posts from bloggers, trainers, nutritionists, gym enthusiasts, stating an exercise that is 'the best' at burning fat, and I just don't buy it. There are many exercises that are great at shedding unwanted pounds, but if you just did one, nothing would happen, you need to do a variety. Also, the problem is, if you told someone that (lets say for example) squats are 'the best' fat burning exercise, what do you think people will do? They will most likely just focus on squats - then what happens? they neglect other body parts and end up with an 'uneven' body.

This may come across as blunt, but people need to realise that its not just 'one thing' that will turn you from fat to thin, it takes a variety of things and a lot of hard work. There is no 'quick fix' for fat loss, and there certainly isn't just one exercise that will blast your fat away.

You want to concentrate on performing a variety of exercises, hitting all body parts, train hard, good nutrition, and then you will be burning fat. If you just stick to one or two exercises then you're not going to get the results you want. Some magazines/articles write things such as 'best fat burning exercise' / 'best fat burning foods' / 'best fat loss pill'. I won't dispute the exercises or foods that they say burn more fat (because the articles I have read that say that, have been right) but fat loss pills? you know where to go.... But people take things like that to seriously, and think they have to always do that exercise otherwise they won't burn fat. You need a variety, you need to work on all body parts, and you need to train hard.

Don't believe everything you read, and with nutrition and fitness - not just 'one thing' tends to be the best....

Lee Gregory Fitness

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