Protein porridge review


I just want to put a quick review up of Hench Nutrition's protein porridge. I got given this quite a while ago, but have only recently started to use it - I put it in my supplement cupboard and genuinely forgot it was there! (that's my memory for you...) But you know what? I love it! I wish I started eating it sooner!

I find this to be a great breakfast, but also, a great snack. I have had it in the morning, afternoon and also evening! The flavour I have is vanilla and honey, and on its own, I really do like it (and I'm someone that has never really liked porridge before). I've experimented with different toppings - nuts, fruit, spices, even a little coco powder!

So, what's in it?

The ingredients consist of - Rolled oats, Protein blend (milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate), Flavouring, Sucralose.

What's the nutritional info?

Per 75g serving:

- 272 kcal
- 22.7g protein
- 5g fat
of which sat fat - 0.9g
- 32g carbohydrates
of which sugars - 1.4
- 5g fibre

Everyday porridge is a very common breakfast, but for those looking  to build muscle and size, or to stay lean, this protein porridge is a great swap. It contains high protein, good amount of carbs, low fat and low sugars - a perfect breakfast or snack.

Do I recommend this? I sure do! The price is very competitive, and as always with Hench, the customer service is brilliant!

Visit their website and check out their range of products - - use my discount code - HNBKHM1H

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