Prevent weight gain at work!

One part of 'losing weight' that people struggle with, is having a full time job, and how it can quite easily ruin your diet. I can understand why it is hard to avoid eating junk and taking the easy options when you are in the office (or wherever you're working). So, here are a few tips to help avoid those binges at work, and help to keep losing the pounds.

1) Take food to work with you

Many people tend to eat out when they go to work, for convenience and the social aspect. A problem with this, is that the other people might not want to eat at a healthy restaurant, and would prefer to go to somewhere like McDonald's, which wouldn't be great for your goals. So the easiest way to get around that problem is to take a healthy lunch with you (you never know, people may follow suit!). You don't have to eat in the office though, you can take your lunch to a nice park) I know it seems childish to take a 'packed lunch' when you're an adult, but it is actually far, far more common than you think. Some people have decided to do it since the recession, and some people do it for health reasons. You want to pack a lunch that has a good chunk of protein in it, as this fills you up and can stop you from snacking in the afternoon. Try and get some salad or veg in with your lunch, as well as a piece of fruit. By getting 'goodness' in you at lunch, you are packing in plenty of nutrients that can help you feel full, more alert, happy, focused, all of which will help you at work. If you eat junk, you can easily feel sluggish, which will make you irritable at work.

2) Stay minty!

By either cleaning your teeth or chewing gum (sugar free!) you can help to suppress your appetite. Its a trick that many trainers (good ones) use with their clients. You will be surprised how easily having mint in your mouth can keep you away from snacking.

3) Stay hydrated

Many people think they are hungry, when in fact they are actually thirsty. By keeping your hydration levels up, you will help to keep your hunger at bay. So take a bottle of water with you to work, sip it throughout the day, don't just down it within the first half an hour of being at work. This will ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the day, which can help your hunger.

4) Exercise at noon

If you have a lunch break, which most people do, try and go for a walk, or get in the gym. A lot of banks/law firms and others alike, have gyms within the building, which obviously makes it a heck of a lot easier to have a workout. If you haven't got one in your building, then see if there is a gym nearby that you could go to for a half hour workout everyday. But going for a walk is free, super easy, gets you out of the office and gets some exercise in.

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