'Happy being fat'

Today, I read an 'article' (wasn't published in a magazine or anything, but was shared around Facebook) and it really tested my nerves. It was a post that a woman created about being overweight and gyms.

I won't re-write the whole thing, but it was basically about a woman 'preaching' that being overweight is okay. There was a picture of an overweight woman posing attached to the post, but she said it wasn't her (which I actually believe). She went on to say that she went to a gym and there were pictures of women in shape with a slogan of (it was coming up to summer - beaches, sun, sea etc) 'do you want to be a mermaid of a whale?'. I do think the slogan is a bit harsh as calling a woman a whale is not nice at all, so I don't really like what that gym done there. However, from reading what she wrote, it seems like she didn't actually use the gym at all, but carried on with her little 'rant'. She named reasons why she would rather be a whale than a mermaid. Obviously, the gym used the word mermaid for those women who are in shape, and whale for those who are not in shape. This woman said that she would rather be a whale any day - being able to eat ice cream and other things.

She also stated that she loves what she see's in the mirror everyday. I cannot remember the word she actually used, but she said she isn't fat, shes 'something' (it was something like curvy). I totally agree that having curves is a good thing - if you look at some female fitness models, they have shape, they have curves, but they are in proportion and in the right places. Women are who overweight sometimes use the term 'having curves' and saying they are 'curvy', but its not how it should be. Some women will always be 'bigger', even if they train hard, have a low body fat percentage, muscle tone etc - that's just their frame, not everyone will have a frame like Mila Kunis. But (and some overweight women have admitted this to me) saying you are curvy when you are overweight, is just a defence mechanism - trying to convince people (or actually yourself) that being curvy isn't fat.

I should have really saved the web link, as it's annoying that I can't remember everything, but the one thing that I, and others, found strange, is that if she was happy with herself, eating ice cream, loving what she see's in the mirror, then why on earth did she go to a gym?? This is actually a problem with society. You get some people (overweight celebrities too) that go on and on about how great it is having 'curves', and 'big women are sexy' and 'weight means nothing', and other people seem to believe it. I'm not saying that if you are overweight, you aren't attractive (not saying that at all!) but being overweight, not only affects people's confidence levels and self esteem, but it also brings health issues. I remember that I saw a TV program about celebrity weight loss stories, and I would say 50% of the celebs on it, started off by claiming how they love their bodies, how they love being big and curvy. But then they went on a dramatic weight loss diet and fitness plan. If you are happy, genuinely happy, then you wouldn't ever go and lose the weight. So to me, that proves that many people who are overweight, aren't actually happy. I have seen many 'transformations' on TV, read many, many weight loss stories, and there is one thing that always pops up - and that is the people who lose the weight admit they were not happy at all being overweight - hated looking in the mirror, hated not being able to wear the clothes they wanted/bikinis/suits/wedding dresses etc etc. I do find it hard to believe that over weight people are 100% happy. I'm sure there are some people that are 100% happy and are over weight, but I am talking in general terms as I don't know everyone on this earth.

There tends to be a common trend with overweight individuals - they call themselves 'bubbly' and are usually the character of the group, the joker, the funny one etc. I have known quite a few people that used to be overweight, some obese, and are now slim, healthy, in shape, and its not like they changed from being funny, a joker or what not, but they were just so much more confident in who they are. They no longer had to just 'hide' behind the wall of jokes and laughter, but instead that's who they are and it came out even more when the weight came off. I remember one guy I know who lost weight (not going to name him) but he used to put on the 'bubbly' face, but he used to suffer from depression. He used to cry whenever he was alone, worry that he will never meet a woman, worry about his health, worry if he would drop dead one day if he couldn't stop his eating problem. Now, hes in a happy relationship, and has got engaged. I remember a line he said to me - 'people always hide something, me? I was hiding who I really was, a depressed, overweight loser - but now I'm the happiest I could ever be'.

People may come across as happy, but being overweight is something that really affects people. Everyone can lose weight and be healthy - everyone is different, but everyone can do it. If this post is talking to you, and you're reading this thinking 'hmmm thats me...', you're not alone, but if you take that first step to becoming healthy, then you have done one of the hardest parts.

This has been a slightly different post, but it was something that I wanted to share. As always, not everyone will agree, but hey.....its my blog and my opinion ;)

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