Being healthy does NOT have to be expensive

This is a slightly annoying subject for me, because many people say things like 'I can't afford to be healthy', but they spend a fortune on bars, clubs, holidays, sunbeds, clothes, gadgets and so on. Being tanned is nice, having the latest phone is nice, going on 4 holidays a year is nice, having great clothes is nice, but you want to know what's better? being healthy and loving who you are.

To me, its about choices. If you are happy spending your money on clothes, clubbing, holidays, gadgets and so on, then don't bother moaning about PT's prices/gym fee's and healthy food. They are not that expensive (certainly not as expensive as the latest iphone!) Now, I'm not saying everyone can afford the healthy lifestyle, as there unfortunately some people that don't have any of the luxuries mentioned above, and still can't afford to go to a gym or shop for healthy food. But! you can still exercise and you can eat a little healthier than you currently are. Everyone can always make changes.

I don't want this post to be a 'rant', but it does bother me when people tell me or I see people saying being healthy is too expensive, but they are off buying this, that and the other. So if you do splash your cash on things like designer clothes, clubbing and holidays, then don't moan about not being in better shape, because you are making the conscious decision on how you spend your money.

You don't always need a gym membership, but you do always need to eat healthier - so start there! Change the food you eat - stop eating junk food (which is actually quite expensive...) cut out the sugary foods, and begin eating fresh, healthy food. That in itself can make a big impact on how you feel, and you will start losing weight. Running, walking, hiking are all free, and cycling is a minimal expense, and are all great for starting your weight loss journey.

Being healthy takes commitment and also requires you to make decisions. What will you spend your money on? superficial things? or your health? YOUR choice! 

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