Weight loss surgery - should you get it?

Today I want to briefly talk about a subject that I think people need to be more aware of before doing it, and that is having weight loss surgery.

Weight loss surgery should be a last resort, and too many people have it when they really do not need it. It was initially designed for people that were so obese that they couldn't walk, couldn't get out of bed, couldn't fend for themselves. The aim is to cut away fat and usually perform gastric band surgery (which is used to shrink the size of the stomach - meaning you can't eat a lot). You have smaller weight loss surgery such as liposuction, which is made famous by celebrities to be honest. What is the problem with this then? surely losing weight is good? Not entirely...

Firstly, it's expensive. A lot of surgeries for this in the UK are carried out on the NHS, so it's free for people, but costs the country a lot of money (private surgeries are well into the thousands...). Secondly, just because you have less fat and a smaller stomach, is that going to make you stop eating bad foods? no. Unless you change your lifestyle, your eating habits and start exercising, it will be a waste of time. You may well have a smaller stomach, but if you continue to eat junk, you WILL gain weight again. I remember reading in a newspaper (cannot remember which one, don't want to guess as I could be wrong) a few years ago about a woman who wanted weight loss surgery, but was told she was not big enough to qualify. So, what did she do? you would think she would go and lose the weight naturally wouldn't you..... you couldn't be more wrong. She actually went away, and ate even worse on purpose to gain the weight needed to qualify for weight loss surgery. To me, that just shouts - LAZY!! and its costing the country millions each year. I don't know that woman, and I don't know if she actually had the surgery in the end (but I'm sure she would have) but I wouldn't be surprised if she did not change her lifestyle, eating and exercise habits, which means she would be gaining weight again. I could be wrong, she could have changed her lifestyle, but after reading her words in the newspaper, the way she came across, that's very unlikely...

Now, there are plenty of people that have had weight loss surgery and it has dramatically changed their lives, and I have nothing against those people. Some people need it in order to start exercising and providing for themselves. I respect anyone who gets off their butt and changes their life, whether its all off their own back, or with the help of surgery. It's the people that take free operations and continue to treat their bodies like crap, who I don't respect.

So, should you have it? Well, if you're so obese that you can't do much for yourself at all, then I would say it would be an option to talk about with your doctor (I'm sure they would mention it to you first though) but if you're not that obese, and you can walk, even jog a bit, cook, go shopping, then you do not need it, you CAN do it the natural way. But whatever you do, please, please, please do not do what the woman did mentioned above, do not just gain weight to qualify for surgery.... If you do go for surgery, you NEED to make sure you change your eating habits, your lifestyle and exercise. There is no point in having the surgery if you are just going to continue with your bad ways. If you get it, make sure you make the most of it and turn your life around.

There is a saying from Will Smith that I want to share with you, it says 'he' and not he or she, but it can be applied to anyone, it just so happens that he says 'he'.

"He who says he can, and he who says he can't, are both usually right"

I think that is a great saying. Have a think about it....

Have a great Saturday! and check back tomorrow for my Sunday Supplement!


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