The best beauty prescription - Fitness!

I saw a figure the other day that claimed the beauty industry in the UK is valued at over £10bn ! That is insane.. I read a bit more of that article and it was what you would guess - creams, lotions, anti-aging, lip creams, eye creams etc etc... All of those products are chemically manufactured and while they may have some benefits, what are the long term effects of using these products? I am here to tell you that many women are missing a vital 'beauty treatment', and that is fitness. I'm using the word fitness to describe the whole 'fit life' - eating healthy, training, exercise, cutting out the junk and so on.

So, how can fitness possibly be better than these specific products on the market today that have scientific evidence showing they work? Well, because you can use them all day everyday if you wish, but your 'beauty' is defined a lot by how you treat your body. You see, if you eat a poor diet/smoke/drink alcohol/do drugs/cake on tons of make up/don't stay fit etc, your body has very little to work with. Your skin is actually one of the last organs to receive 'goodness', so if you eat a poor diet, then any little bits of goodness in those foods, won't be going to your skin. So how can you look good, healthy, younger, if you're not giving your body the tools it needs? You won't.

One amazing, simple change you can make to help you look and feel healthier is water. Hydration is crucial for your health and also gives you a healthier look. As mentioned above, you can use whatever creams or lotions you want, but will they give you a good looking figure? no, not a chance! That is where exercise comes in. If you workout regularly, you will be shaping your body to how you want it, therefore, looking better! and it's a heck of a lot cheaper than paying out for those expensive products.

If you treat your body badly, but purchase all of those products, your gonna be at a standstill. Those products may work, but only where you use them, whereas if you turn to the fit life, your whole body will benefit. If your body is not in a healthy state, how will it look healthy? Fitness really is one of the best beauty treatments and also an amazing anti-aging treatment. If you look at women that are into health and fitness, they are glowing from head to toe, and that's because they take care of themselves. If you still want to go out drinking alcohol, eating whatever you want, smoking, even doing drugs, then don't expect some expensive cream to come and save you.

Take care of your body and you will be surprised at the results you will see. Also, it's never good to pile lots of chemicals on your skin. Most of what gets put on your skin actually gets absorbed into the blood stream. So all of those chemicals in your favourite creams are going inside your body, not just on your skin.

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