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Today, it's Whey Protein!

This is the most common selling supplement on the market today, and I'm not surprised. Whey is a milk protein that has a high level of BCAA's (Branched-chain amino acids). Whey is a protein that digests fast, which is great for post workout. You can get a form of whey called 'isolate', which is digested even faster (a popular form of whey for post workout recovery). 

The problem with getting all of your protein through food, is that it can become very expensive and also a little time consuming (but it is BEST to get most of your nutrition from food). For post workout, bodybuilders, weight trainers and others alike use a protein shake to get the protein in their system quickly to start the recovery process. If you wanted to get that from food (depending what food you chose, the protein may take longer to digest) then you would have to cook something very quickly, or 'scoff' a tin of tuna or something - whereas a shake is very quick and convenient. 

Do I recommend whey protein? absolutely! BUT ! - don't just rely on it, I say this for every supplement, because its common for people to just rely on them. Use it wisely, and use it effectively. 

Trainers also recommend taking a shake with some whey in it roughly 30 mins prior to a workout, as this will give your body a bit of protein during your workout. 

When buying whey protein, you want to look for one with little to no carbs, hardly any fat, and a good kick of protein (between 20g and 24g per serving). Also, the price usually reflects the quality. If you see a tub of 1kg whey protein for £10, you're likely to be getting pure quality. It does depend on the budget you have though, as everyone doesn't have a limitless bank account to buy the best of the best in supplements and food. A good average price for whey tends to be - 1kg, for about £20-30. But look out for deals and promotions as you could pick up a right bargain and even bulk buy! The bigger the bags/tubs you buy, you do tend to save a good amount, so think about bulk buying! 

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