Sunday Supplement - Multivitamin

Welcome to 'Sunday Supplement'! Today, I want to talk about multivitamins.

Many people out there lead busy, hectic lives, and their nutrition tends to suffer because of that. I'm sure many people suffer from a deficiency in one or more vitamins, and this is where a multivitamin can help. The one problem with supplements is that some people completely rely on them, and don't concentrate on their actual diet because they are taking supplements. By all means, you want to get your nutrition from actual food first, but some people need a boost, some people are so busy with work that they can't eat enough or regularly throughout the day. I myself take a multivitamin every day, and that's just to top up my levels. I am back in training, so yes, I do need more of a lot of things. I do eat healthy, and I prefer to get my nutrition from food, but sometimes I am too busy, or I could be ill and have lost my appetite, so a multivitamin comes in handy.

It's a real easy way of getting the vitamins you need. But as mentioned, don't just rely on them, don't let your diet go out of the window because you are taking a multivitamin. Some people don't eat certain foods, could be allergic to certain foods, could be a vegetarian and so on. These could all cause a deficiency in one or more vitamins, so a multivitamin could really help you out.

This is a short post, but I think it is an important supplement, whether your young, older, pregnant (just check with gp), an athlete, this supplement is safe to use and very beneficial.

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