Skinny OR Fit?

With the 'boom' of fitness in the last few years, there has been an online debate of 'skinny Vs fit'. There are many celebrities out there that are pretty much just skinny, and girls look up to them and end up being skinny themselves, but is that the way to be? I would say NO.

Women that are skinny, simply eat a 'healthy diet'. The reason I use a -> ' is because it isn't actually healthy. These models eat hardly any food to stay thin, that is NOT healthy for the body. Women that are skinny have no shape to their body, which may be great for a catwalk, where they are pretty much a walking hanger - something to show off the clothes, but it's not great for life.

Compare that to someone who is fit, and the differences are huge. Women that are in shape, train, eat healthy, they have a great physique, curves in the right places, a strong body, and strong organs - because of actually eating healthy, unlike skinny models that starve themselves. Women that are in shape look far better in clothes, dresses, bikinis etc, because they have the shape. To be like that, they do eat a healthy diet - they eat enough food, they eat lean food, low fat, low sugar, low alcohol, plenty of fruit, vegetables, protein and complex carbs. So how is that not better than hardly eating foods, throwing up and starving yourself? well, it's not. I honestly don't care who it is that says skinny is better than fit, because I will argue with them until the sun goes down, and I'll keep going!

Being fit doesn't just improves someones confidence, how they feel, their self esteems - which can all improve their lives, it can make people live longer! because you are far healthier, which means your body is healthier -> longer life.

Make your choice, but I cannot think of one argument for skinny being good.

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