Is nutrition actually complicated?

After watching a video from Nick Mitchell, I decided to do this blog post. Many people seem to think that losing fat/building muscle is so complicated and confusing.... when in fact, from a nutritional point of view, its really not.

I can see why people get confused though - there are so many diets out there that promise so much, and having different fitness and nutrition 'experts' and 'guru's' (my god I hate those terms....nobody is an expert and definitely not a guru!!) preaching different nutritional methods, It can all become a bit too much. But the way I work, I like to keep things simple (those who follow me will know that). I don't preach or do a specific 'diet', rather....I just eat healthy. Many people out there say "you shouldn't eat carbs if you want to lose weight" - what a bunch of morons - is that doable for the rest of your life? no, so don't start it. There is no point what so ever starting a diet if you cannot sustain it long term, because as soon as you stop it, you are more than likely to put the weight back on. So why waste your time and money doing that? You should just eat a healthy, balanced diet to start with.

What do I eat?? well, I eat plenty of protein (lean meats, fish, chick peas, red kidney beans, a variety really) lots of fresh vegetables (carrots, leaks, broccoli, peas etc), fruits (prefer berries, but love mangoes!) healthy fats (such as oily fish) moderate carbohydrates (such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, brown pasta, brown bread - I do like Burgen bread). What about treats? guilt foods? Well, I'm human! so, yes I do like some chocolate here and there, maybe a bit of ice cream, or some cake - does that destroy my diet? no, does that make me gain weight? no. As long as you eat the 'guilt foods' every now and then, and not every single day, it won't affect your weight, simple as that.

Those people who go on some insanely strict diet, often get fed up and have a binge, or as soon as they come off of it, they wonder why they gain weight after. So don't go near those diets, don't get conned my money grabbing companies that promise you the body of your dreams for a fortune every month, just stick to healthy foods! A great tip I picked up lately is - don't eat it if you see it advertised on tv!'. Think about the foods you see on tv - breakfast cereals/biscuits being the most common (from what I see anyway). I've never seen fresh vegetables being advertised. Another tip that I picked up from Nick Mitchell was, "if you can't kill it, pick it or pluck it, don't eat it".

Just be sensible. Eat healthy foods, a variety of foods, you can have a guilt food every now and then, it WON'T turn you into a sumo wrestler over night....

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