Help with Monday morning blues


It seems as though most people hate Monday mornings, and a part of me understands and a part of me doesn't.... let me explain.

Everybody loves a weekend (if you don't work on weekends that is) as you can do whatever you want, have a night out, go play a round of golf, go shopping, whatever suits you. But then waking up Monday morning and having to go back to work for 5 days seems to make most people struggle. If you love your job/career, then you won't hate waking up on Monday mornings, because you will be looking forward to going back to work, but it seems as though people hate Monday's because they don't like their job. But I'm sure there are people that love their job but still hate Monday mornings, and say things like 'ahh the weekends always go so quick!'. So, how can you help yourself?...

You want to have a structure, and I know what you may be thinking - usually when 'structure' is mentioned, people think of some army style plan, but I'm not talking about a strict system here...

Let me give you an example by sharing my 'structure' on weekends. I workout once every two days, so lets take it that I worked out on the Friday. I would just simple relax on the Friday evening, nothing strenuous, just chill out with a good movie (after a workout, my body is usually in 'rest' mode anyway!) I would then wake up Saturday morning at about 8am, and get some breakfast in me (usually eggs!). Then for a few hours during the day I will be doing little bits of work (not really 'work' for me though as I love my job!) will go through my social accounts, my blog and website. Saturday evening, whether I go out or stay in, will be an alcohol free night for me as I will be working out in the morning! (I don't drink much alcohol anyway...) Sunday morning - wake up at 7-8am, get some breakfast, pre workout shake, and then hit my session hard. After, will be doing my Sunday supplement blog post, check my emails, social accounts, and then it done for the day! I usually do a few household jobs on Sunday afternoon, and then relax that evening. I try and do something that puts me in a good mood, whether its a film, a game, TV show or something else. I find that being in a good mood on Sunday, follows through to Monday morning. I don't go to sleep late on Sunday nights, as a good nights sleep is the best thing to wake up on Monday in a good mood!

So, to be honest with you, I think the whole 'Monday morning blues' is just a 'myth', because I honestly think Monday morning are dictated by what you do on the weekend. Be smart, have fun, relax, have great weekends! but just remember - If you love your job, you will look forward to Monday mornings more (maybe a change in career is in order?) and if you drown yourself in booze on a weekend, you will not only feel like death on Monday morning, but you will be moody and irritable!

Lee Gregory Fitness

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