Why you're NOT losing fat

There are many blogs/article/books etc on how to burn fat, but there's not that much on why you're NOT losing fat. There are some common mistakes people make, and if you're making any of these, that could be why your not dropping the lbs !

Some people 'talk the talk' but don't actually 'walk the walk'. It's an old saying, but its so true. If you want to seriously get in shape, then you need to put the hard work in, nobody is going to hand you an amazing body, you have to earn it. So if you're in the gym, jogging on a treadmill, and moan about not getting results? then you're the one at fault. Nobody is ever going to get an amazing body like those you see in women's health/mens health magazines by jogging on a treadmill, and trying not to sweat too much so your make up doesn't get ruined! 

You want to focus on high intensity workouts, circuit training, exercises that gets your blood pumping and causing you to sweat. That is how you burn fat, by training hard! Don't be afraid of using weights - women reading this.....you will NOT turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger if you lift some weights! Using weights will burn more fat and tone/build your muscles to give you great shape. 

Another reason why you're not losing fat can be down to your nutrition. You could do 3-4 amazing workouts each week, but if your diet consists of microwave meals, takeaways, alcohol, sweets, processed foods, then you will never see the results you want. It's a balancing act - how many calories you consume (and where those calories come from) compared to how many calories you burn. If you eat more (bad) calories than you burn each day, you will put on weight. If you burn more than you eat (or eat healthy and kick ass in the gym) then you will lose weight. You want to make sure you drink lots of water, herbal teas, eat plenty of protein, moderate complex carbs (i.e. sweet potato) fruits, vegetables and healthy fats (oily fish). 

Lastly, you could simply be overdoing it. If you train too much, your body cannot recover. Some people become addicted and end up training every single day, sometimes twice a day too! Your body needs rest - its when it recovers, builds muscle and processes food. Be smart about it, train enough, but don't become obsessed. 

A quick tip - don't weigh yourself every day! If you do want to weigh yourself to make sure your on the right track, do it once per week maximum. Another good way of tracking your progress is to take measurements of your body. That way you can see your body becoming smaller! 

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