The ultimate fat loss rule

I have seen so many posts, comments, videos etc, about the best way to burn fat. Some are certain types of exercise (like zumba) some are specific circuits, some are how hard you train, how many reps and sets, how often, I could go on forever... But there is always one method that people don't talk about. That is.... diet, diet, diet, diet, diet, and...oh yeah, diet!!

You could workout hard, train regularly, correct form etc etc, but if you have a poor diet, you're not going to lose weight the way you would like to. Nutrition is the hardest part of getting in shape, because people are so easily tempted by bad foods. But if you cut out the junk foods, sugary foods, processed foods, you will see a big difference in your training.

There are some exercises and type of training that are better for burning fat, but even if you do them, if your diet is bad, you're not going to get
anywhere. Being a nutritionist, I know first hand how hard diet is for people, and how easy it is to wander off course. But you need to stay motivated, constantly thinking of the end result, and you can do it. Humans do like habits, and many people have bad habits, but if you can train your body to have good habits (such as eating healthy, lean foods, and training hard) and getting rid of the bad habits (eating junk food, processed foods, sugary foods) then you will be pleased with the results you get. Many people tend to get frustrated with not seeing results, but in most cases, I would say to take another look at their diets, as that is often the problem. Its simple really, body fat is determined by how many calories you consume compared to how many you burn. If you eat more than you burn, you're going to store fat (if the calories are 'bad calories'). You may think that a daily subway, or chocolate binge can't do that much damage, but it can, and it often doesn't stop at having one or two things.

If you want to get in good shape, your diet is always no.1! Sort it out, and you will get great results.

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