Sunday Supplement

Today, I want to briefly talk about 'Beta-Alanine.

'BA' is actually a non-essential beta-amino acid, but nowadays it is a very common supplement used by athletes, bodybuilders and keen gym enthusiasts. If you have tried beta-alanine before, you may remember having a 'tingling' sensation the first time you either had the supplement or a pre-workout drink containing 'BA'.

'BA' can offer real performance enhancing benefits, and here's why. People who use it often say it has a 'caffeine-like' response - the feeling of enhanced alertness, concentration and energy. By supplementing your diet with 'BA', you can increase muscle carnosine concentrations (carnosine can help alleviate the 'burning sensation' in muscles when you train hard - more of it -> harder you can train). So by taking a 'BA' supplement, you can in effect, train harder for longer.

I have personally started using 'BA' and I can honestly say that I can feel a 'pump', and I have noticed I can push that little bit more in each workout. I like to think my nutrition is good, and it would be great if just nutrition could give me a better workout, but by taking 'BA', my workouts have been a lot better - which can lead to better results. I did have the tingling sensation the first time I used it, it did freak me out, but after about an hour it did subside. I researched it, and it is a natural feeling in the body, so it's not something alien, but it is a little strange. From then on, I didn't feel that sensation, but the workouts were still better.

I do like to keep things simple with nutrition and fitness, so I haven't (and won't) gone into too much detail, because let's face it, you guys just want the info, not the scientific explanations, and that's how I go about my work.

Feel free to try this supplement and see how it works for you.

Have a good Sunday everybody! 

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