Sunday Supplement

Welcome to the first 'Sunday Supplement' blog post. Every Sunday I will create a post about a different supplement. I kind of borrowed the name from the popular football show, but it has nothing to do with football. So, today? Casein protein!

What is casein protein? Well it's a form of protein powder that is known as 'night time protein', and this is because of its slow release. Common protein powder releases fairly quickly, but during the night (let's say an average of 8 hours sleep) you preferably want a constant release of protein so your body can repair itself while you sleep. This is where casein comes in handy. Casein powders tend to vary between 6-8 hours release time.

Some people use casein during the day too, so if you have a busy day where you might not be able to eat for a while, then a casein shake will be perfect. I personally use it at night, to avoid muscle breakdown while I sleep.

It's well worth investing in, especially if you are serious about getting results. There are many brands that sell casein, one being 'Optimum nutrition, gold standard casein' (as pictured above. I am  not linked with ON at all, simply using the picture for visual purposes).

Sunday supplement will be back next Sunday with a new supplement!

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