Should you train with DOMS?

Firstly, 'DOMS' means - delayed onset muscle soreness. If you have ever had a workout, and the next few days you're sore, then you have had DOMS. It usually hits you 24-48 hours after your workout. I've seen this topic bounce around twitter quite a lot, and the question always is - 'should I workout when I have
DOMS? My answer - yes, but it depends.

DOMS is actually a by product of training, swelling of the cell membrane, but many people use DOMS as an excuse not to train. If you have it real bad, and you can barely move, then yes, take a break, but in most cases, you will be sore but you can still move. Working out with DOMS actually flushes the swelling away, therefore relieving the soreness.

Many people are put off by DOMS, as they think they will injure their muscles, but as mentioned, as long as you can move, walk, a good range of motion, then you can train. It will feel strange, and might be tough, but as I said, it will help to flush out the swelling.

Just be wise, if you can barely walk, or screaming in agony (well, if your screaming in agony, then you may well have an injury!) then take a rest, but training with DOMS is perfectly fine.

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