Protein flapjacks

Last week I received a bag of Protein Flapjacks from Hench Nutrition. It's always great to try new things, especially 'snack ideas', as that's a common downfall for people's weight. So, here is a bit of info about them:

Per 150g serving:

Energy - 546
Protein - 40.95g
Carbs - 85g
of which sugars - 1.2
Fat - 6g

So from the nutritional info, you can see that they are pretty good! Now, you maybe thinking, if they have hardly any sugar in them, surely it won't taste nice, well, I can say you're wrong! They taste amazing. Your typical flapjacks that you can buy in stores or coffee shops, usually taste sweet, sugary, sometimes sickly, and these actually do too, but without the garbage! They are very filling, taste sweet, which helps to fill you up, but they are healthy!

There are plenty of 'healthy snacks' on the market, but most of them aren't actually healthy when you dig a little deeper. These flapjacks are very easy to make, take about 20 minutes all together including cooking time, and the value for money is amazing.

I recommend these to everyone and anyone who wants to get in shape and needs a healthy snack, try these !


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