Have a structure

One thing that you can do to help you in general, let alone from a fitness point of view, is to have a structure. Let me explain...

I used to play cricket for Essex County Cricket Club, and at the same time I was enrolled at college and going to the gym regularly. I used to go for a quick workout in the morning, pop over to college, then go training in the afternoon, come home and do some college work, and sometimes pop over to my gym for a relaxing session in the jacuzzi and sauna. That was my structure, I knew what I was doing, when I was doing it and I loved it. I never really found myself bored thinking 'what shall I do?'. When I had spare time, I used to either watch a movie, play a bit of playstation, listen to music of sometimes just go for a drive (obviously when I was 17!). Boredom is a big killer for weight problems. When people are bored, they do tend to get something to eat, even when they're not particularly hungry, which can lead to weight gain. But having my structure back then kept me busy so I didn't think about eating because I was bored - I ate because of function (for my training, matches and fitness reasons). 

Nowadays, my structure is a slightly different, as I am no longer representing Essex, but I still love my structure. Once every two days I workout in the morning, and in the afternoons I do work (stuff for my website, blog, social media, nutrition plans, talking to clients etc). On non workout days, I split my 'working day' into two - morning and afternoon. I have a morning work session, and then an afternoon work session. I make notes/lists on my phone the night before with jobs to do the following day - so I know what I'm doing, when I'm doing it. This 'system' allows me to get things done and also keeps me busy, which again, stops me from eating because of boredom. But what about the evenings?

Well, the evenings can be a time where people do have a little 'eating session', and it's understandable in a way. But again, you want to have that structure, have things to do, which can stop the temptation. Personally, I have tv shows recorded that I watch in the evenings, do some browsing on the web for work, listen to music, maybe a bit of reading - just things that I enjoy, that relax me and keep me occupied. 

Maybe this post has helped you, maybe it hasn't, but hopefully you like that I have shared my own personal experiences, which have helped me and still help me. Having a structure is good, you don't have to be like a solider, but a routine is great to have. 

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