Building muscle on a budget

Guys that are serious about building muscle would have read a fair amount of information and feel comfortable that they know what they have to do (the basics anyway!) but it can be expensive. Either having your own equipment or a gym membership, all the food you need to eat, the supplements to help you and so on. So, if you're on a budget, can you still build muscle? yes!

If you have the money every month to pay for a gym membership, make sure you go to a gym that has the right equipment to build muscle - they should have good weight racks, bars, benches, squat racks, leg presses and so on. If the gym is full of treadmills and vibration plates, leave!! If you don't have the money to pay every month, then save a little and spend £100-200 on some weights, a bench, chin up bar and anything else you want. It is a lump sum in one go, but once you bought it, you keep it and don't have to pay again. Being on a budget, you want to stick to the basics - squats, bench press (different angles) Dumbbell press/fly, chin ups, barbell press, curls etc etc. These exercises have been around for a very long time, and they work.

The nutrition side of things can be expensive, but it can also be cheaper. You always want to look out for deals, especially on meats. Sometimes it will be cheaper to bulk buy (even though it seems expensive at the time of purchase, per product it is cheaper) so you would want to do that. You don't have to go for 'the best of the best' in terms of quality, as long as its not scraps! It's always worth while cutting back on other expenditures and spend more on your training. If you are dead keen on getting in shape, then you don't need to go out clubbing 4 times a week! Stop buying the latest designer clothes or wasting money on new gadgets, think of your training! Try Muscle Food - great food, great prices - promo code - LG21156

With supplements, there are brands out there that are cheaper, but some have awful ingredients, and I came across one that refused to tell me some of their 'secret' ingredients! stay away from those! I am sponsored by Hench Nutrition, and I'm not sitting here trying to flog them to you, but they are a cheaper brand, a smaller brand, but the products are great. If you want to try them, use my discount code - HNBKHM1H. If you don't want to try them, that's fine!

I actually know a guy who is a bin man, but he's in great shape, because that's what he spends his money on. Its not always about spending a fortune, it's about being wise, As mentioned, if you are serious about getting in shape, then you can do even on a budget - be smart, be wise, be committed! 

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