Why the 'fitness life' RULES!

I see two groups of people these days (obviously there are more, but I'm focusing on these two). You have the 'party people' who go out to bars and clubs all the time, drunken holidays and living the party lifestyle. Then you have the fitness people, who love to workout, train, do physical things like playing sports, bike riding, enter marathons and so on. I love the fitness life, and here is why I think it rules...

Being into fitness doesn't just mean you want to look good, there are many more benefits. To start with, being fit, looking good, makes you feel good - gives you more confidence. That can help you in everyday life - being more productive at work, starting a new career, doing things you didn't have the confidence to do before etc etc. It can then help your love life. By being more confident, you're more likely to approach men/women, that previously you have been too nervous to do. By having more confidence in yourself, you're less likely to be paranoid in a relationship or always thinking your partner will find someone better. If you are with someone who is also into fitness, you can go to the gym together, go on holidays and do things other than sit by the pool all day - for example mountain biking, hikes, sightseeing and more.

Being into fitness can really impact your career too. I have read articles, peoples experiences and have known a few people that have had a boost in their career because of fitness. By having that confidence, being in shape, liking how you look, you have a raised 'presence' in your career. You believe in yourself more, which  makes others believe in you too. As I said, fitness isn't just about looking good in a mirror. It can really impact your life.

Compare that to the people who get drunk 4 times a week, and feel sluggish and tired because their body always has alcohol and junk food in it. To me its an obvious choice, but I am someone who has always been into nutrition and fitness. Its up to you which life you want to live, but by the time you're 40 years old, you don't want to look and feel haggard, you would rather look and feel fit and healthy

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