Thinking about using fat loss pills?

Fat burners have always been a popular topic for debate. This is because some people think they work whereas other people think its a con. Many fat burners that I have seen, seem to have a high dose of caffeine, which is obviously going to make you feel alert, but do they work?

I have personally used one brand (will not name) and I have to be honest - I didn't notice any 'fat burning results', all I did notice is that I felt more alert, and that will be because of the caffeine. By being more alert, you will feel like you have more energy, so your going to push that little more in your workout, therefore burning more calories - but you don't need a pill for that. 

By simply having more energy before your workout, you're going to be able to push harder, without the need for caffeine. Let's be honest, if there was a magic pill out there that burned fat, personal trainers and nutritionists would not exist. Fat loss is down to a healthy diet and a good workout plan. By eating healthy foods and training hard (in or out of a gym) then you will lose weight, you don't need a pill. But a lot of it will be psychological - you take a pill that claims to give you a boost in your workout and burn fat, so you automatically believe it and workout harder, knowing you have taken that pill. 

I can see why people buy them - a pill that claims to burn fat and give you a better workout - people will snap that up, as it is a lot easier than changing their diet and pushing harder in their workouts. If you want to try them, go ahead, some people will swear by them, but I don't think they are needed - depending on the brand, they aren't always cheap either....


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