The best trait a PT can have

Personal training has boomed over the last 5 years (from reports that I have read) and some people have said its due to the 'society of today', with self image becoming a 'big thing'. But what makes a god PT? well, a lot of things, but there is one trait that I truly believe you need if you want to become a successful but also highly respected personal trainer. That trait is - 'understanding'.

You can look like Dwayne Johnson (I refer to him a lot, but com'on....hes a tank!) you can have as much knowledge of the human body as a scientist, but a lot of people who get a PT, want someone who is understanding, not just some beefed up, muscle bound trainer who will just tell them what to do. Personal training contains that one word - personal. A trainer and a client should have a bond, a connection, mutual trust, and many people have had bad experiences which has lead to weight gain - so if a trainer has been through similar emotional or mental battles, then they know what those feelings are like.

People who are overweight/obese and want a trainer, they can be intimidated by the 'army soldier' style of a trainer, they would much prefer someone who they can connect with, someone who can help them mentally as well as physically - as the mental side of things is a huge part of getting into shape and changing their lifestyle. Some may disagree with this post, but I still believe it. I myself have been through some extremely tough and challenging times, physically but also emotionally and mentally, and I believe that in the future (when I go into personal training) It will benefit me, even though at the time it was horrible.

Take your side, agree or disagree, but the word 'personal' is in the job title for a reason...

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