I hate the word 'convenience'

There are a fair few theories as to why the nation is becoming more and more obese, but this is one way - the word 'convenience'.

If I asked someone whether they would come home from a busy day, and cook a tasty, healthy, fresh dinner, OR order a takeaway / pop a ready-meal into the microwave, I am pretty darn sure of the answer!

These days, unhealthy food is so easy to eat, that people choose it over cooking healthy meals. With a ready-meal, all you have to do is pop it in the microwave for a few mins and its ready to eat. With a takeaway, people can order it, go and shower or whatever they do when they get home from work, and then dinner is delivered. It is lazy yes, but its just the fact of being so convenient. Its the same with snacks - foods such as chocolate bars and crisps take little to no effort to eat - all you have to do is open the packet and eat.

Nowadays, how easy it is to eat junk food is kind of a joke, and because of how easy it is, that's why people will do it. They would rather watch TV when their dinner is on its way or cooking in the microwave. Again, comes down to being lazy. BUT, doing it every now and then if you are genuinely short for time, is okay, The problem comes along when you do it too much, because it becomes a habit, and an extremely bad one! Yes it takes time to make healthy meals, but it doesn't take hours. You can cook healthy, delicious meals in 15 minutes! I personally have a few cook books that are healthy 15 minute meals, perfect for weekdays! It simply takes a little effort, and it can be a huge change in your lifestyle, a positive change!

I do seriously hate the word 'convenience', and I truly believe it is a big reason for obesity. There are two clear benefits of making your own meals - 1) You will eat healthier, therefore losing body fat. 2) You will save money, as cooking healthy meals yourself is cheaper than junk food!

Don't get suckered in to this dreaded word! Put a bit of effort in to create your own healthy, tasty meals!

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