Hench 50% protein cookies

I recently received my monthly stack from Hench Nutrition, and one of the products I got was their 50%
protein cookies.

There are many protein foods out there nowadays - brownies, pancakes, ice cream, porridge, crisps and more. This is the first time I tried a protein cookie. Here is the nutritional info:

Per 75g cookie

Energy: 320kcal
Protein: 37.5g
Carbohydrate: 20.1g
of which sugars: 7.4g
Fat: 10g
of which saturates: 3.9
Fibre: 1.1g
Sodium: 270mg

Now, if you were expecting a cookie to have no fat or sugar in it what so ever, then you are wrong. The protein content is high, and having personally tasted one, they are very nice to eat. It is the ideal snack, its not something that you would eat 5 a day of, but it is a great snack, especially if you are on the road a lot. While the taste is very good, its not like your typical cookie - it hasn't got that sugary, sweet, sickly taste to it, but that's because its not made with ten ton of rubbish!

Bottom line - it tastes great, the content is great, and the price is good as well! I recommend them!

Get your protein cookies today!

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