Are you hiding your food addiction?

Sometimes, being overweight can make you feel very lonely, but trust me - you are not alone. Also, most overweight people would agree that they are embarrassed, and this can lead to them hiding their addiction. I have read people's stories, seen interviews on TV, about overweight individuals that try and hide their addiction - for example - won't eat in front of people/eat healthy foods in front of people but then binge when they get home/have little hiding places where they keep junk food and so on. So, how can you change this?

I think the first thing you can do, is reassure yourself that your loved ones are there to support you and will help you when the going gets tough. Your family and friends love you and don't want you to carry on eating more and more, so use their support to help you with your weight loss goal. They can almost be like your own trainer/nutritionist - throwing out the junk food you have in your home, not purchasing any more, join in with cooking healthy meals, join in with exercise etc etc. That way you won't feel alone, you will have a great support network around you. That's very important.....'a great support network'... let me explain.

Those who personally know me, know that I love formula 1 and I do use f1 in explaining things to do with health and fitness. Most of you will probably know who Lewis Hamilton is (English f1 driver). Many big names in formula 1 say he is the fastest driver on the grid, but when the very public break up between him and Nicole Scherzinger happened, people could tell it was affecting hi over a race weekend (when she was often present) it also seemed to affect his driving. But when he was with her, he was very happy with himself - as well as having his dad, brother, mother and close friends, he had his 'great support network', which gave him that 'x factor' on the track. That's the same with losing weight and getting fit - you need a support network around you, otherwise things can become very tough and you can feel very lonely.

I hope this helps! 

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