10 reasons to get in the gym

This post is simple - 10 reasons why you should get yourself in the gym!

1) STRESS - Going to the gym can help to get rid of any stress you may have. Some people drink alcohol, some people smoke cigarettes, some people do drugs (the nutters!), BUT the best and healthiest way to get rid of that stress, is to get in the gym!

2) SELF IMPROVEMENT - This is just obvious really, but getting yourself in the gym can improve your body, which in turn can improve your self confidence and how you feel about yourself as a whole.

3) SOCIALISING - Joining a gym can expand your social life by meeting new people. Over the years I have met a lot of people in the gyms I have been too, and have made some great friends. Everyone goes to the gym for one main reason - getting into shape (which can also lead to these other reasons) so you have something in common with everyone in there.

4) ME TIME - Have you ever wanted a break? either from work or your personal life? Well the gym can give that to you, it can be the place you go to, to workout, see your friends, take out stress, just have some to yourself - which, lets face it, we all need at some point!

5) HELP PREVENT ILLNESSES - Working out in a gym can help prevent illnesses. By exercising, you are making your body healthier and more efficient, therefore helping to avoid any problems with your heart, lungs, bones, and more!

6) ITS A GOOD HOBBY - Going to the gym gives you something to do. If you are someone that has time on their hands and usually ends up snacking or sitting on the couch, then going to the gym can really help. Its a great hobby, its something that you can learn to love and actually look forward too.

7) LIVE LONGER - By being fitter and healthier, you're giving yourself the best possible chance to live a longer and happier life.

8) MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD - Working out releases the 'feel good hormone' which, well, makes you feel good, duh! So if you're someone that lacks self confidence, exercising can really help!

9) SUPPORT - Gyms are full of trainers, instructors and other people that have been working out for a long time. So if you feel intimidated, not knowing what to do, then you don't need to worry as you have the support you need inside that gym!

10) A NEW YOU - By joining a gym and starting working out, you can begin to create a new you, a fresh start even. This could help you to start a new career, or do something that you have always wanted to do but haven't had the confidence or couldn't physically do it.

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