Could your job be making you fat?

There are many 'things' that can cause people to gain weight, but one that seems to pop up a lot is jobs. Could your career be the cause of your weight gain?

There are some jobs that can cause weight gain if you don't do anything to help it. Jobs that require a lot of driving, or long hours in an office are among the most common. How many times do you see an overweight lorry and taxi driver? You can quite easily see why they are over weight - their job requires them to sit down, sedentary, the convenience of fast food, then when they come home they most probably sit down in front of the TV. Most people do come home from work and put their feet up, but if you have a job that all you do is sit down, then sitting down at home is just even worse! Jobs that cause high stress levels are also bad for weight. This is because when you come home, you could be irritated or annoyed and just want to have a beer and watch your favourite TV show. But things are starting to change. It has been in the media a bit lately, that people with high stress are starting to use the gym as a way to relieve that stress, rather than lounging on the sofa with a takeaway.

Training in the gym is one of, if not the best way to get rid of stress. This is mostly because working out releases 'feel good hormones' and requires physical exertion - which is awesome for getting stress out. A very common way of getting rid of stress is boxing. Just 15 minutes on a punchbag can make you feel a lot calmer and happier. I personally have used boxing as a way to relieve stress, and its great!

Don't just use the easy excuse of - "my career is so hectic, don't have time to exercise". Everyone can make time, it just takes effort and discipline. Do you want to carry on putting the weight on? or do you want to get rid of it? Its your decision. The older you get, the harder (but still doable) it is to lose weight, and to find motivation.

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