The government and obesity

I have read a few articles to do with obesity that seem to blame the government for not doing enough to help with obesity. I don't think its their job to be honest.... but they could help.

People become obese for one reason or another. Some have had traumatic times in their lives, whereas some people are just lazy. But is it the governments job to stop people eating too much? I don't believe it is. More and more children are becoming obese these days, and the government aren't their parents - their mum's and dad's are their parents. It is the job of the parents to raise their children in a healthy environment. Children don't fend for themselves, they eat what is given to them. So if parents give them junk foods, that is what they eat - it then becomes a habit - that leads to obesity.

For adults - it should be common knowledge that eating junk food makes you gain weight, but some say 'I can't afford to eat healthy foods'. Well I have something to say about that. It has been proven many times that it IS cheaper to eat healthy foods than living on takeaways. There was a tv show that had ex Masterchef contestant 'Dean Edwards' showing you that it is possible to cook a healthy meal just as quick as receiving a takeaway - and cheaper! Granted, he is a great chef, but the point of the show was to prove to people that you can cook healthy meals in a short time, and cost less than a takeaway. So for those people that use the excuse of 'I can't afford it', or 'I don't have the time', that just does not fly with me! It just takes effort and patience to learn how to cook - and as with most things humans do, it can soon become a habit (a good habit!).

With the government, I really don't think it is their job, but people have mentioned a few things they 'could do', but I really don't see them happening. One thing I have read from nutritionist, PT's and journalists, is that the government could increase the tax on alcohol, cigarettes and fatty foods. Whilst this could put some people off of buying those, the government are in a bit of a pickle - as those things bring in a fortune! So if people stopped buying them, the country would end up losing a lot of cash. The upside to that is the NHS will get a bit of a break - not having to deal with so many obese patients, but will the money saved from that outweigh the money lost from alcohol, cigarettes and fatty foods? who knows.
Another downside to raising tax on those, is that it will 'hit' the healthy people. I know what you're thinking - 'Booze, fags and fatty foods, they aren't healthy?'. You're right, they aren't. But healthy people still have alcohol from time to time, have parties, nights out, and those people will then have to  pay more just because the government whacked up the prices to help 'cure' the obesity epidemic.

There's ups and downs to the government helping, but as I said, I honestly don't believe its the governments job. People should know by now that eating junk food makes you gain weight, but they still do it, why? most probably its an addiction. People need to take charge and make the effort themselves instead of waiting for someone to come along and help them out. A lot of it is psychological, maybe some help with that will be better? Seeing numerous weight loss shows, the great trainers 'attack' the mental issues before 'attacking' the physical issues. Having free weight loss surgery doesn't fix the issue, and that costs the government a lot of money. If I was in charge, I would give out free gym memberships and maybe even free personal training instead giving free surgery.

Things need to change, obesity is still on the rise, but its not down to the government - people have to take responsibility.

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