Is being overweight your fault?

I've decided to do this post after reading a few articles from people giving their views on 'whose fault is it for being overweight?'. This can easily become a complicated subject, but I will give my quick view on it.

Healthy weighted individuals are quick to assume that overweight individuals are just lazy, and I agree a little with that, but the rest - I don't. The majority of people that are overweight, have usually turned to food for one reason or another - could be the death of a loved one, could be bullying, insecurity, the environment they grow up in, there are frankly many reasons...

I myself have been through a fair few 'dark places' in my life, where I have felt anger, sadness, helplessness, so I can relate to how those people feel that turn to food because of something that has happened. That in itself is not really the actual problem - having a cake because you feel really upset, on its own does nothing, but its what it leads too - addiction. Once you start eating to feel that 'void' inside, you will become addicted and it will be 'all that you know' to help the situation. This leads to addiction which then leads to obesity. Until you accept/fix the problems you have, you will keep eating, like trying to fill a bottomless pit. Is this your fault?? maybe.... Some may argue that you can 'get off your butt' and fix the problems, but is it always that easy? no, I didn't turn to food, but I know how it feels to have problems that can't be fixed. To be honest, 'problems' that come along in peoples lives, aren't always their own wrong doing, sometimes its just bad luck, so are they your fault? no - but you can do something about it.

Some people tend to hide behind food because they are scared of the truth - scared to confront their problems because they don't know how hard it will be, and would rather not go through that. Its natural for people to fear what they do not know. But ask yourself this question - Would you rather be scared for a little bit and fix those problems? or continue down a dark path that will slowly get worse and worse?

There are many problems that can be fixed, but there are some that can't, and that's where you just have to accept them for what they are. Life isn't perfect for anyone, and I'm sure you will rather live a life that makes you happy, than continue to slowly destroy your body living in fear. Everyone has will power, some more than others, but will power is something that can grow.

Before you take another day of eating to suppress those feelings and emotions, remember - that's one more day that you're not going to be living your life the way you want to live it. Take control - don't be afraid - face those demons - and you will be thanking yourself for the rest of your life!

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