Winter, exercise and nutrition

For those of you reading who live in the UK, it very much looks like winter is now here. Its very easy to put on weight over the winter months, because its cold, wet, even snowy! which makes it easy to have the 'winter warmer' meals that can often be fatty and calorific. What makes it worse, is that a lot of people lose motivation to exercise throughout the winter.

Yes, when its cold, its horrible having to get out of bed in the morning, walking to work, or standing on a platform at the train station etc etc, but end of the day, it has to be done. Firstly, how can you help that? Well, dress appropriately! I remember when I used to get the train to college and seeing people shivering on the platform because they dressed in pretty much summer wear! crazy people... Secondly, stop moaning about it being cold, we live in the UK, it WILL be cold in the winter. I remember being in Australia in December, and it was depressing - hardly any signs of Christmas, and it was blue sky and hot, didn't feel right, so I flew home! It instantly felt like Christmas, yes it was cold (walking out of Heathrow in shorts, tank top and flip flops really didnt help!), but that's part of it!

Working out/training in the winter can sometimes feel like a chore... but it really shouldn't. It's just like in the summer - some people would rather go in the garden and sunbathe instead of having a workout. You just have to remind yourself why you started getting in shape in the first place. Some gyms still love to have the air con on full blast in the middle of winter, which can be a tad annoying, so if your gym does that - put another layer or two on, and once you warm up you can go back to tank top and shorts! If you keep making excuses of 'Its too hot outside', 'Its too cold', 'The gym is too hot', 'The gym is too cold', you will never get in shape because your training will always be on and off.

The colder it gets, people tend to be put off by being in the kitchen making a healthy meal, but that really shouldn't stop you. To be honest, there's not a lot more I can say other than 'get your lazy butt in the kitchen!'. If you want a good physique, you just have to knuckle down and get on with it. Humans are excellent at learning habits, so why not learn good habits? such as eating healthy and exercising?

Whether its cold, hot, snowing, raining, you can still exercise and cook healthy meals. During the winter, considering its a time when the excuses come out to play.... make sure you have things around you that remind you why you started getting in shape to begin with - it
will help motivate you on days when you feel like using one of those silly excuses...

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