Weight loss - the individual way

We live in a world where image seems to be everything, and a lot of people feel under pressure to look a certain way. Its more common with women than men. Women tend to feel the need to be thin and fit into a size 6. Well, that is complete garbage. Everyone is different.

The scales used to be (and still are with some people) the point of reference for people's weight loss/muscle gain goals. But I advise my clients to go by how you look and feel. For example - If you weigh 16 stone and have a target weight of 11, and once you get to that weight, you're still not happy, then that goal weight was a waste of time. You could of actually been happy at 12 stone! who knows? You shouldn't worry about dress sizes or what magazines say, you should workout, train hard, eat healthy, live a healthy lifestyle and when you reach a point where you can look in the mirror and be happy with what you see, then you have reached your actual goal weight.

Some people are so obsessed with being a certain dress size that they literally starve their body, keeping it malnourished just to fit into a certain size dress. Is that any sort of way to live your life? to be happy? hell no! Stop worrying about that kind of stuff, there is no 'correct dress size', their is no 'correct body shape'. If you notice, some of the 'hottest women in the world', that have been voted by magazines/tv shows, actually have a body with shape? (I'm not saying shape as in overweight/curvy, I'm saying shape as in - not being jet thin and showing off your ribs!) Girls - if you want to have a good body, attract guy attention etc, then get in the gym, get a 'fit body' rather than a 'thin body'. Not only will you look 100x better, but you will be far healthier than if you keep your body starved.

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