Why 'shake' diets are a waste!

People who want to lose weight tend to have something in common - they want a quick fix. They usually aren't prepared for the hard work in actually changing their lifestyle, but are these 'diets' actually good? Hell no.

Let me ask you something, if you start a 'diet' that consists of having 3 shakes a day, can you do that for the rest of your life? NO! Is it safe/healthy to do it even long-ish term? NO! So why on earth do people do them? because they want to lose weight and usually can't be bothered to get exercising and prepare their own healthy meals, so they pay a company to deliver powdered meals to their door.

SO, why don't they work? Well, its because you can't do it forever, or even long term. So what happens when you finish your 'course' or shakes? you have to go back to reality, having to go shopping and cook your own meals. You would have gotten used to drinking shakes that are given to you, so you will be lost when it comes to eating healthily and continue losing weight. Also, with these shakes, they are usually low calorie shakes, and your not actually just burning fat - your breaking up muscle tissue as well!

These companies do make me laugh, because they claim to employ nutritionists (biggest joke on earth). Being a nutritionist myself, I am mortified if they think 'good nutrition' means giving powdered shakes to people for weight loss. I most certainly will NEVER give shakes of any kind to lose weight. I use the approach of ACTUAL food, healthy food, not powder.

If you go on one of these 'diets' then you will find yourself gaining weight after you stop your 'course', unless in the meantime you become a nutrition expert. The failure rate of long term weight loss using these companies is quite awful, hence why there are personal trainers and nutritionists out there that do things right, that get the best result. Don't believe me? try and find a university course for nutrition or a personal training course that says 'to lose weight, especially long term, you must drink powdered shakes'. You have more chance in seeing Usain Bolt run the 100m in 1 minute.

If you seriously want to lose weight and change your life, please do not use these companies, it is a waste of time and money.

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