Mayweather vs Alvarez

This was the fight, this was the bout that was called Mayweather's toughest fight to date. Alvarez is an up and coming fighter with great skills, but it wasn't enough to beat Mayweather.

The night before the fight, I remember saying to my brother that the only way I see Alvarez winning is by KO, and to do that, he would have had to come out of the blocks ready for battle. With Alvarez's power and the speed that he does have (still not quick enough for Floyd) I honestly think he could have challenged Mayweather, maybe unsettled him or even got the KO, but he came out too slow. The first 4 rounds, he was following what Floyd was doing, and that wasn't the game plan he needed. Floyd does not like it when he is smothered, pressured with punches and combo's, but Alvarez fought at the pace that is comfortable for Floyd.

On 'my scorecard', I only gave 3 rounds to Alvarez, and I was to find out that those rounds were when Mayweather said he suffered a dislocated elbow, which would tie into Alvarez scoring those rounds. The rest of the fight Floyd just dominated, he fought at his pace, his range, and was picking off Alvarez with his precision punches. I noticed that Alvarez started to become very frustrated, getting hit a lot in the face when coming forward, trying to 'talk' to Floyd, all signs of a talented boxer being frustrated because he couldn't get his own punches off.

One thing I liked about Alvarez was that he targeted Floyd's body a lot more than any other opponent of Mayweather's that I have seen lately. Floyd's head movement is too fast for pretty much all of the fighters out there, so it's a waste of time going for it unless you have tremendous speed. The thing to do is target his body (which also isn't easy as he has a superb defense) to try and weaken him, slow him down and allow more shots to get through.

It was a great fight to see, another fantastic performance by Mayweather, showing he can attack and defend. I think Alvarez's tactics were wrong, he needed to smother Floyd, but ended up giving too many rounds away. What next for Floyd Mayweather? Maybe Khan? we shall see, but I honestly don't see Floyd getting beat...

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