Food Addiction

There is a trainer that I would consider is my role model, and that person is a guy called Jessie Pavelka. He has a new TV show that's called 'Fat: the fight of my life', and it is truly incredible.

Most people tend to think over weight/obese people are just lazy and eat tons of food, which sometimes can be true. But its often a certain circumstance or two that leads to the weight gain, common reasons being bullying/loved ones deaths. Bad things that happen can tend to lead to food addiction, which is the same as any other addiction - they turn to it to take away feelings. Alcohol is a substance that some people use to 'get away', stop thinking of the bad things, thinking that alcohol will make them forget about them etc etc. People do that with food, they eat a lot of bad food to get away from whatever is bothering them, and they feel as though it makes them feel better about the situation.

Jessie Pavelka's show is about morbidly obese people, who have an addiction with food due to a number of reasons. His job is not just a 'trainer', but someone to break down the walls that they have put up which has lead to the weight gain. Once they get to the root of the problem, they can then fix that problem. Jessie knows that its not all going to be smooth sailing, he knows that the 'client' will fall backwards at some point, because it is an addiction. If you take somebody who is addicted to smoking, its common for them to have a cigarette here and there during the 'quitting phase', and that is the same with food. At some point an obese person will give in to the the bad food, and then hate them self for doing that. The problem with giving into those temptations is that your feeding your body that addiction again, which will grab hold of you and want more of it. That is why losing weight can be so dam hard, because you have to break habits that could have been around for many years, and that is not easy.

You can help fight against food addiction with things that motivate you. If your of an older age and are obese, things that should motivate you are your children, partner and possible grandchildren. I'm sure you would want to be around as long as possible to see your family grow. If you are of a younger age and are obese, you have your whole life ahead of you, a career, a family of your own, surely you would want to be around for every single bit of that? Those are just some of the most common pieces of inspiration to keep on going with your weight loss journey. It will be tough, physically, but more importantly, mentally. But that shouldn't stop you, it should push you, drive you, make you want to be the best possible version of yourself and give you the life you deserve.

Everyone deserves a great life, and weight shouldn't stop you experiencing the things that you want to experience.

Addictions can be broken, but the only people that do break them, are those who won't give up - so don't give up, and you will have a new life.

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