This post is for those who are getting into the fitness lifestyle/already in the fitness lifestyle but not seeing the desired results. This post is not for those who go to the gym for every other possible reason except working out!

Mr Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson himself has done a few videos with the sole purpose of getting the message of 'focus' across. That word - focus - is unbelievably important if you are wanting great results. Being someone that has been in and around gyms/fitness/nutrition for about 8 years, I have certainly seen the huge difference between those who focus and those who don't. I have lost count with the amount of people I have seen in gyms that seem to be there for socialising. I have seen people 'hog' gym equipment, not by using it! but by standing there, saying they are using it when they are really on their phones probably texting lies to girls with how much they are lifting. That really bothers me - people in the gym standing around, chatting non stop, texting, tweeting, its a gym! not a coffee house! Apart from working out, being polite by talking to people (but not for ages! after all, people are there to workout, but if someone says hi how are you? then by all means, respond, but don't get into a full blown conversation unless your workout is over!) the only other thing that is acceptable is changing music on your ipod/mp3/phone, but its still easier to make a playlist prior to your workout. Does this sound a little harsh? maybe...but its necessary.

A lot of guys and girls out there that really want to get into the 'Fit Life', get in shape, be healthy etc, usually have role models. For instance, if a guy wants to be a body builder, their idols will probably be Mr Phil Heath, or Mr Jay Cutler. Staying with that example, do you think those two guys go to the gym, have a chit chat, tweet, update their Facebook status, text women? ermmmm no. Those two guys will go to the gym, and destroy their session, that is how they have got their physiques. A lot of gyms nowadays tend to have a kind of cafe inside, where you can sit down, have a drink, chat with friends etc. That is the time to chill out and have a chat. So you want to go to the gym, hit your workout hard, and then after, jump in the sauna/steam room/jacuzzi, have a drink and chat with friends. You don't want to try and workout and socialise at the same time. Not only will you be hogging the equipment which will annoy others, but you will be wasting time and money going to the gym as you won't get the results your after. You must FOCUS when you are at the gym!

A lot of people use the gym as an 'escape', try it! leave Facebook, Twitter and any other social networking sites that you use in the locker room! Hit the gym, train hard, after your session you can chill out. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!

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