Dawn French weight loss

I recently read an article about Dawn French which made me pop on here and write about it, because it made me a little bit angry...

Dawn French is known as the 'funny, big and bubbly' actress, although she's not 'big' anymore. I think this is right, but forgive me if the figures aren't 100% accurate, but she lost an incredible 8 stone! down from 19 (I think), so how did her fans react?? BAD! I couldn't believe it when I read this. The article said that the reaction to her amazing weight loss was 'Dawn French accused of betraying fat fans'. So someone that has been overweight for a long time, increasing the chances of various different health problems, has betrayed people she doesn't even know? really? How can the public be so selfish and so mean? Her weight loss is amazing, especially as she claims that she only ate less and walked more. Now, some people may think that with all the money she has, she must of had a top trainer, but if she says she hasn't, its up to you to believe it or not. Either way, she lost over a third of her body weight.

Dawn's reaction to the fans comments was one of shock. She said that she was worried that her popularity over the years was only because she was big, whereas now she is a lot smaller, having fans say she has betrayed them because of weight loss, it's shocking! Why can't people be happy for her?

If you are one of these fans that reacted in that way, you should be ashamed of yourself. People still don't seem to understand just how bad of a problem obesity is. Surely if you are a fan of Dawn French, her weight loss should inspire you?? should get you motivated and think 'I can do it too!'. Not go onto Facebook or Twitter and start ranting that she has betrayed her 'fat fans'!

Let's not beat around the bush here, Dawn was a big girl, and she wasn't 20 years old either, so to manage the weight loss she has, its pretty incredible. It shows people out there that think they can't lose weight for whatever reason, that you can do it, that you can shift those pounds and begin a new chapter in your life. Don't resent weight loss stories, let them inspire you.

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