Overweight excuses

Over time, I have heard a lot of different reasons (I call them excuses) as to why people are overweight. So here are some of the most common ones that I (and other trainers/nutritionists) hear regularly - don't let this be you!!

- I don't have time to exercise
- I've tried every diet out there, I just can't lose weight
- Its in my genes to be overweight, I can't help it
- Healthy food is too expensive
- I don't have time to cook
- I work all of the time
- I have a super slow metabolism
- My medication causes me to put on weight
- I don't want to eat salads every day
- My body retains too much water
- I'm big boned

These things are easy to say, and that's what excuses are - an easy escape route. Because the subject of weight is sensitive, if someone who is overweight/obese said 'I just have a slow metabolism', their friends are likely to say something along the lines of 'aww that's so bad! is there anything a doctor can do to speed it up?'. This is because friends won't come out with the truth - which is that they are just making excuses and need to get up off of the couch and get moving. Granted, I know that there are rare cases that someone might have a super slow metabolism, caused by something, but nearly all of the time its an excuse.

I do believe that behind every overweight/obese person, there is a 'trigger', something that has caused the excessive weight gain, whether that could be from childhood bullying, a family loss, depression or many other reasons. Top trainers (like Jessie Pavelka) get inside the mind of that person, attack the root cause of the weight gain, understand why they have gained so much weight, and then they can fix the number on the scales. I think the most common reasons for weight gain are depression and bullying (which can be linked). Once you find the trigger, you can then fix the problem. So, stop using those excuses, take responsibility, and attack the problem head on - it will be tough, could be emotional, but at the end of the day, it will be so worth it....

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