'I've tried every diet, I just can't lose weight'

I'm not sure if you have, but I have definitely come across some people that have claimed to have tried every single 'diet' out there and then use the excuse of 'I just can't lose weight', end up blaming it on their genes or something.... So, I thought I would do a post to clear up a few things...

Firstly, when people say something like 'I have tried every diet out there', that simply means they have been enticed by the 'fad diet' companies that try and flog some half hearted attempt at weight loss. There are SO MANY of these companies around, preying on people that are in fact desperate to lose weight, knowing they will try anything. That does make me rather angry. There are some companies that claim to employ nutritionists and then sell you 6 months of powdered food - what kind of nutritionist tells you to drink low calorie shakes 5 times a day??? crazy! But all of these kinds of companies cost money, and often, they aren't cheap. To me, that is not 'trying every kind of diet out there', because to me - there's no such thing as a 'diet'. A 'diet' means something that you 'go on' and then eventually 'come off of'. Instead of looking for the word 'diet', try looking for words such as healthy eating. This is because eating healthy is not a diet, its simply a way of living - which means you don't necessarily 'come off' of it. 

Its easy to sign up to a 'fad diet' where you pay a monthly fee and buy their products instead of going food shopping yourself, but is that sustainable? hell no. I tell all my clients the same thing - 'If you can't do it for the rest of your life, then don't do it at all'. I think this is a great saying. Its like the companies that deliver meals to your house every week, can you do that for the rest of your life? no, they may not even be around in 3 years time! So what happens when that stops? you will most likely to back to your old habits. 

If you are one of the people to have used the line of 'I've tried everything', then my advice is to stop lying to yourself - harsh? maybe, but its just simply not true. Losing weight and getting in shape takes hard work - there is no easy route. That hard works takes place in both the gym and the kitchen. You cannot be lazy if you want to look good and feel good - cook your own healthy meals, go to the gym regularly, walk more, take the stairs instead of the lift and so on. I bet most people who have used the line above have not tried the hard work route - because it works! 

So, to 'sum up' - don't bother with these 'fad diets' that are purely their to take your money. Get a gym membership, get a nutritionist and work your butt of! 

I do have a very simple and easy to follow weight loss healthy eating plan (which is pretty much like a guide, giving you the info you need) that you can purchase on my website - www.leegregoryfitness.com 

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