'Eating for fat loss' - really?

Well, how often do you hear this term - 'eat for fat loss'? I personally hear it a lot, and I have to say, its not a very good term... Whilst it is true that some foods can accelerate calorie burn, there are no such foods that simply 'melt fat away'.

Its so easy to get 'sucked in' to these magazine articles that claim if you eat 'x' foods, then you will drop 3 dress sizes in a week. But to be frank, its pretty much a sales pitch. If you speak to anyone that is fit, healthy, has a low body fat etc, and ask what their diet is like, I can guarantee you that it doesn't contain just foods that are linked with burning calories faster. Their diet will consist of foods that are just 'healthy foods'.

If you are someone that wants to drop their body fat, and get that 'cover model' body, then just forget about 'eating for fat loss', and concentrate on eating to be fit and healthy. To get a low body fat percentage is a simple equation - regular, intense exercise + low fat, high protein, moderate carbs diet = low body fat. (that is a shortened down version as the diet part is a little longer than those three things, but you get the point!)

The problem with 'fat loss' and 'nutrition', is that every year there are a bunch of new foods that are apparently amazing 'fat burners', so everyone that wants to lose weight jumps on board, hoping to burn unwanted fat with a few foods, it's just not going to happen. Same to be said about 'fat burner pills', but that's another story....

So, if you want to shift some fat, then just forget about 'eating for fat loss', and just concentrate on training hard, eating a variety of healthy foods (lean protein, complex carbs, fruit, lots of vegetables, cut the fat and sugar) and most of all - be consistent and have discipline.

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