'Digital weight gain'

What does the digital world and overweight people have in common? They have both sky rocketed over the last 5-10 years.

Go back 10 years and there was no such thing as 'online shopping', social networking sites (as we know them today) and apps such as whatsapp. The digital world has had a major impact on people's day to day lives, but are there problems...

How easy is it now to do your weekly shopping? You simply go on a website or app such as Ocado, click what items you want, and click checkout! You can do it on the sofa in front of the tv, or even in the bathroom! I'm not saying that physically going shopping at a supermarket burns 1000 calories a time, but at least you go out, walking around doing your shopping, its at least some exercise. It's not just grocery shopping that people do online, its also every other kind of shopping - clothes for example. There will be a fairly big percentage of people that will do all of their shopping online, and won't go out to actual stores. Not only has that hit the stores big time, but it also takes away a lot of exercise that people used to get. Some people are literally so busy that going shopping would have been the only exercise they could fit in (mon-fri anyway), so by taking all of that walking around away, that's taking the only exercise they could do, away. But what else does it do? it makes people lazy - they simply open the app or webpage, click buy, and wait for it to be delivered. So they get into a bad habit of 'click, buy, wait', rather than getting up off of the sofa and using their legs.

Children (and some adults) are even having their 'social life' over the internet, rather than face to face. That in itself doesn't cause weight gain, but by staying at home and talking to your friends, rather than going out socialising, can cause loneliness and even depression - which are both triggers for weight gain. Cyber bullying is a very common trigger for excessive eating these days, and it hits children hard because when they are on the internet in the comfort of their own home, they should feel safe. But when they have other people messaging them with abusive comments, and also get similar things at school, there is just no 'getting away from it' - home or school, they still get bullied.

The 'digital world' has transformed the world, making people's lives easier, but is it all actually good....? I'll leave you with that question.

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