Twitter and weight loss

The title of this post is a bit strange, right?

Considering everything revolves around social media, I am going to tell you how using the website 'Twitter' can help you lose weight. (if your not on Twitter, get on it!)

Twitter is a great place to be, you have complete freedom on who you follow, so your 'feed' will only be made up of people/companies that interest you. So, how can this website help you to shed some pounds? Well, as I said, you get to pick who you follow, so start following athletes, personal trainers, nutritionists, gyms, supplement companies and so on. By doing this, every time you log onto Twitter, you will have nothing but fat burning, muscle gaining tweets to read, which will then motivate you to get moving!

Some of the trainers/nutritionists/gyms that I follow give out awesome tweets that motivate me, and I love that. I use Twitter to follow news shows, formula 1 drivers, athletes, personal trainers, nutritionists and gyms. This not only motivates me, but it opens my eyes to whats going on in the fitness world.

The difference (I believe) between Facebook and Twitter, is - Facebook tends to be where you have all of your friends, to message, comment on posts, arrange days out or whatever. Whereas Twitter seems to be almost your own personalised newspaper - where you choose who you follow, so you don't have any 'junk' to read. Everyone who is on Facebook, has people that kind of annoys them in one way or another - with posts they put, pictures etc - with Twitter, its a place where you don't have to have that, as you already have Facebook with all of those people on. So its a chance to have your own 'personal digital space' to follow who you want - and with regards to this post - follow health and fitness tweeters! It will get you motivated which can then help you lose weight!

There are many ways to motivate yourself, but I honestly think this one is great, especially with how often people are using sites like Twitter.

So, start following people/companies to do with health and fitness and get motivated!

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