Support for your weight loss

You can have the best trainer, the best nutritionist, access to the best gym, but if you don't have any support around you, then you will struggle to lose weight.

I have come across many people that want to lose weight, but I soon find out that their friends and family arent 'on board' and always tempt them to eat junk food, go out for a night of drinking and skip their gym sessions. This is a HUGE problem. You need people around you that will support and promote your new healthy life choices. If you still live with your family, then you need to have them on board, as you will be with them a lot. If you live on your own, then you need to develop strong will power and have a circle of friends that won't drag you out to get drunk, order takeaways and miss the gym. This is what will help the most.

By having nothing but negativity around you, you will find It hard to stick to your new healthy lifestyle. I'm not saying that you need to ditch your friends, but make sure you tell them what you are trying to achieve and that you want them to support you. If they are as good friends as you think, then they will be more than happy to support you.

I hope this helps and I hope you have the much needed support system in place!

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