Supplements and muscle gain

Nowadays, most people who want to pack on muscle know about supplements, or at least the most common - whey protein. Here are my thoughts on supplements.

I personally think they are great, IF they are used right. I have known and seen any guys literally living off of supplements, barely eating any whole foods and if they do eat, its not what you would call 'healthy foods'. That is how not to use supplements. The hint is in the name itself - supplements - they are great at 'supplementing' your diet, helping you to boost your intake of calories/proteins/vitamins/minerals/carbs etc. They shouldn't be replacing your whole diet. Some personal trainers that I know and trust love supplements, but always say, eat whole foods where you can. But this can become expensive, and many people either don't want to spend their hard earned cash on an expensive grocery shop, or simply don't have the budget, and that's where supplements do come in - they are a lot cheaper compared with foods.

To get the most out of supplements, you need to learn how and when to use them. Many guys I have known, just have a shake whenever, not caring what time of the day it is and in relation to their workouts. I have even known guys that have stocked up on protein powder, when they don't even go to the gym! - crazy! Each supplement will give the recommended amount and time to take them, my advice is to follow their advice!

If you want to get into supplements, go for it! but make sure you have a good gym plan in place, a good, strict healthy diet plan in place, and then using supplements will help you to make better gains. They are particularly helpful if you are a very busy person, who tends not to have a lot of time to make meals during the day. As I have mentioned in the past, the core150 is amazing for this.

Thought I would just give you my views guys, hope this helps! Remember, just be smart with your training and your gains will come!

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